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Conscious Business Consulting


I strongly believe in the power of businesses and organizations to lead by example and promote positive changes to society. When businesses are anchored with integrity and seeking products, services, and solutions that benefit people and the planet, there's no limit to what they can do. However, just as people have their best aspects and shadows, so do organizations. Businesses are merely a collection of individuals and will showcase the strengths and opportunities for growth of the collective employee base. Albert Einstein said "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." For businesses, this means an organization is seeking to promote change, whether that be with financials, products and services, or employee well-being, using the same thinking from the past hundred years, that change will inevitably fall flat. Similar to the individual, sustainable changes within business require digging deep and having an honest look at the source of problems. For businesses and organizations seeking conscious perspectives on particular business problems, I offer the below business consulting services using my 20 years experience working in marketing/ communications consulting plus consciousness experience, training, and certifications.   

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Employee Wellness

Many organizations now include wellness offerings such as unlimited time off, daily meditations, and fitness reimbursements but are still struggling with employee burnout. This is typically a signal that the employee is giving more energy than they are receiving. I work with organizations to identify areas of imbalance and suggestions for sustainable employee well-being.

Leadership, Employee, and Team Coaching

Using my experience coaching individuals, I can do the same with organizations including leaders seeking improvement on management style/techniques along with teams seeking to improve dynamics and morale. 

Conscious Communications Strategy & Executions

Whether you're a organization that is developing conscious communications for the first-time or an established conscious marketer seeking a like-minded partner, I can help you create communications using my 20 years experience in advertising strategy, communications planning, and execution.

Conscious Product and Service Development

Many great thinkers and innovators are/were aware that there are seen and unseen forces in the universe constantly co-creating together. Michaelangelo said “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” Meaning, he had already co-created art with the universe. His only job in creating was to "get rid of the excess." For businesses, that means getting to new solutions comes from getting out of our thinking. Using a variety of spiritual tools and exercises, I can guide teams on coming up with new solutions to any business problem or new product/ service idea. 

Values Definition

The most functional people-centric organizations start with clearly defined values and adherence to these values. Working with your leadership teams, employees, customers, and the public, I can help you define values and accountability measures to set them in place or assess how your organization is delivering against established values. Clearly defined values also create efficiencies in the hiring process, finding and selecting candidates who embody values of the organization.

Intention Setting

Businesses often set intentions or goals from a "business" mindset (achieve 15% growth, be the #1 product, etc). But those aren't really intentions or objectives. They're outcomes. The universe responds to intentions, not desired outcomes. Oprah understood this years ago and has included intentions into every aspect of her businesses. She's said "We are held accountable for every intention which is why you are sitting where you are right now." Often we need outside perspective to keep us honest. I'll help you define intentions that propel all of your business including benefit to people and planet in addition to profit. 


For availability and proposals, please reach out and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  |  Tel: 917-545-5983

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