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Individual Coaching

For the majority of my life, I suffered tremendously believing life was hard, driving myself into anxiety, depression, addiction, victimization, and negative thinking. After years of trying traditional psychotherapy and Western medicine, I continued to decline until I hit a rock bottom. It was at this moment that I was willing to try anything and surrender what I thought about the world. Through this process, I had a major breakthrough and spiritual awakening, working with spiritual psychologists, energy healers, shamans, and Eastern medicine.  Today, I am more at peace than I've ever been, trusting in others and a benevolent universe, and knowing who I am. I only teach, guide, and recommend to others what's worked for me. 

You can read more about my personal story here. 

My intention is to now guide others facing challenges, looking for growth, or desire to more clearly know their purpose or calling. Listed below are areas of specialization for individual coaching along with what to expect during a session. 

I look forward to serving you and your highest potential. 

Addiction & Recovery

Society stigmatizes people with addictions, but the truth is everyone has an addiction to something. My belief is addiction and suffering are invitations for compassion, transformation, and growth. My alcohol addiction and recovery completely transformed my life for the better and I am passionate about using the tools that helped me to guide others. 

Spiritual Awakening Support 

People often associate spiritual awakenings as a state of bliss, enlightenment, and peace. It can be that at times, but more often that not, it also feels like being thrown into the fire. Relationship loss, job loss, dissolving of the ego, difficulty engaging with the material world, and needing more alone time come with the territory. I've been there and can support you in various ways on your awakening.

Empath Energy Management

Maybe you already identify as an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP). Or you're struggling with addiction and burnout, unaware that your empathic gifts could be exacerbating anxiety, fatigue, or negative thinking. Working with energy healers, I've learned and used practical tools for my own energy management that I know can help you too. 

Work Stress & Burnout Support

As a former advertising executive who frequently worked 80+ hour weeks, I know first-hand what workplace burnout looks and feels like. More often than not, it starts with taking responsibility for our own well-being and setting appropriate boundaries. I can help you discover what burnout is signaling to you from a spiritual perspective and offer practical advice for managing stress and energy.

Career Coaching

When our careers feel stagnant or stressful,  our instinct, often is to run away to something new or beat ourselves up for "not being where we should." But from a spiritual perspective - we're always exactly where we need to be. Everyone's career situation is unique. Perhaps it's the right decision to leave a toxic job - or - it could be an invitation to show the universe your worthiness, working on boundaries and speaking up. Maybe it's time to take everything you've learned and start something new. Career has been one the biggest shakeups in my life since my spiritual awakening. Using my journey and the journey of others I've studied under, I can help you intuitively decide what's best for you.

Identifying Your Gifts, Purpose, or Calling

People often use these words interchangeably, and for me, that's ok. The essence and underlying feeling is the same. Perhaps there's something you're longing to do and can't quite put your finger on it. Or you know your soul's desires, but you're afraid of changes needed to fulfill them. I've been there and can help you navigate this process and reflect your highest potential back to you.


My Healing Beliefs



  • Every person is their own best healer and knows what's right when it comes to their own healing

  • We can't exist alone and we can't heal alone. We need each other to serve as mirrors to our areas for growth and our highest potential

  • Healing often involves the process of unlearning belief systems - not acquiring new ones

  • Prioritizing your healing first isn't selfish, it's necessary. And as a result, you show up for others being of greater service to their well-being

  • As everyone wakes up to their most authentic selves, the world heals as well

Format for a Typical Session
  • We'll start with a grounding exercise, breathing, letting go of the day, and getting present so the hour is about YOU and your needs

  • I'll ask for your intentions for the session and areas you'd like to focus on

  • We'll then have a conversation about your focus areas, where I offer intuitive coaching and guidance

  • Based on the session, we'll close with some suggestions for next steps/ homework. I'll follow up with an email on this as well. This could include additional resources to explore, practical self-care ideas, suggestions, and more

  • You may get what you need from me in one session or several sessions. This will always be up to you with no obligation or pressure. I'm honored to serve you in whatever capacity works best for you

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